We repair and renovate parts, tools and structural elements as well as new machine parts for manufacturing lines, using our own materials and those materials entrusted to us on the basis of the design or technical documentation of the customer.

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Metal Technology Europe is a buoyantly developing company providing its customers with a variety of top-quality services in the manufacture of spare parts and large structural elements.

We are a team of experienced people who meet the customer’s requirements based on our many years of experience, knowledge and passion. Our aim is to provide the best quality services, starting with the advice, innovative solutions and reliable know-how of our qualified team.


Metal machining

We have the pleasure of presenting the Metal Technology Europe range of professional services, available from our production facility located in Bydgoszcz. Mechanical metal machining (CNC and conventional) is our speciality.

CNC turning

We provide professional services in conventional and CNC metalworking. We offer CNC turning, a machining method that allows us to produce various structural elements and other components.

CNC milling

Our range is aimed at customers seeking a reliable contractor to produce spare parts, workpieces and structural elements of metal. We offer precision CNC and conventional milling services.

Metal grinding

A finishing operation for worked and unworked surfaces that achieves the required high dimensional precision for the workpiece – metal grinding is a service that produces that perfect finish.

Gearwheel grinding

Accurately prepared components are key to the smooth operation of simple and complex mechanisms. Gearwheel grinding is a type of processing used to achieve the required levels of surface finish and high dimensional precision.


This machining technique is used to process gearwheels and gearsets, precision components intended to put numerous mechanical devices in motion. Hobbing gives them the required technical parameters.

Internal and shaft grinding

Suitable finishing of surfaces to achieve the required level of roughness is key in metalworking. We complete orders to grind both internal spaces and shafts. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Plane grinding

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, we can accurately process metal elements characterised by standard and large dimensions. This is included in our plane grinding services.

Lathe bed grinding

This service is where we restore the functionality of a lathe, a device which serves an important role in every metalworking shop. We grind lathe beds professionally and quickly by means of tried-and-tested methods.

Our ambition is constant development and geographical expansion

We will be entering the German market soon.

We have an extensive production facility and an experienced team of professionals.

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professional advice and full professionalism in our contacts with our customers


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full logistics service adapted to the customer’s needs

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Our aim is to provide high quality services

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