Plane grinding

If you are seeking a reliable company to complete your individual and collective orders on time, take a closer look at the range offered here at Metal Technology. Our speciality is industrial metalworking, including plane grinding. Our production facilities, located in Bydgoszcz, are equipped with modern precision abrasive grinding machines, while our employees can handle even the most formidable of challenges.

Plane grinding is just one of the methods commonly used to finish both smaller and larger surfaces. We offer abrasive processing, divided into peripheral and frontal, which helps prepare the surface and achieve dimensional compliance. Furthermore, the grinding of planes can give them a high gloss finish or even removes scratches, impurities and rust due to the use of a specific element.

To yield the desired results, our production facilities use specialist abrasive machines and tools, with high-speed working elements to remove relatively small amounts of the material during each pass of the tool over the workpiece. Components prepared in this manner may be further processed, such as by polishing or honing, or used directly in different types of structures.

Feel free to contact us here at Metal Technology, so that we can provide you with our wide range of services. Not only do we provide specialist and professional services, but also the timely delivery of orders.

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