Lathe bed grinding

We provide a wide range of specialist services. Aside from our standard turning and milling (conventional or CNC), extrusion, broaching, laser cutting and vertical honing services, we can professionally grind your lathe bed, the essential element of any lathe. It also guarantees stable operation of the device by damping vibrations in the working part while it is being processed.

The lathe bed grinding process is simple, but for the process to be successful at every step of the way needs vast experience, expertise as well as suitable tools and machine tools. Luckily, here at Metal Technology we have all these assets as standard.

We service lathes of various brands with worn beds, and the first task of our experts is to dismantle and examine the lathe to evaluate the wear. Subsequently, the element needing restoration is prepared for grinding, which is carried out using our tried-and-tested methods and measures.
Although the process requires significant financial outlays, this is an investment in restoring the functionality of the lathe. Our professionals can even service poorly maintained mechanisms, both for standard and over-size machines.

Feel free to contact us if you have equipment in need of maintenance, as we can ensure it will give you many more years of reliable service.

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