Gearwheel grinding

This service ensures the suitable preparation of the gear elements used in the operation of many different types of machine, such as steering systems in passenger cars or the transmissions fitted to a variety of devices used on a large scale in industry.

Gearwheel grinding is one of the final processing stages, where the pre-machined surfaces are given their final form and surface finish. Additionally, curvilinear surfaces can be produced with high dimensional precision. These operations are performed with modern grinding wheels of abrasive types selected to match the material being processed. Rapid movement of the workpiece and the removal of small amounts of material are key to successful gearwheel grinding, and enable us to produce gear elements compatible with other parts of the mechanisms in which they are installed.

Our use of technologically advanced machine tools as well as tried-and-tested processing methods allow us to grind gearwheels with the following maximum parameters:

  • Module 10, for diameters of up to 600 mm,

and gearwheel dimensions ‘b’ of up to 180 mm.

The gear elements are accurately and carefully processed by our experts, giving the mechanisms of which they form integral parts a long working life.
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