Laser cutting

We are able to offer laser beam cutting using Bystronic machines and a state-of-the-art Trumpf laser. They are both characterized with high efficiency and precision in making each and every element.

Range of machining materials:

  • stainless steel – up to 15mm thick,
  • ordinary steel – up to 20mm thick,
  • aluminium – up to 10mm thick,

Cutting elements with a laser beam in connection with modern control technology allows for:

  • high quality and precision of the cut – 0.1 mm,
  • 100% repeatability of the cut parts,
  • top quality of edges without additional machining,
  • any shape you can think of,
  • shortest order processing time.

Maximum cutting parameters:

4 000 mm x 2 000 mm
3 000 mm x 1 500 mm

These parameters allow for maximum use of material and precision cutting of sheets up to 20 mm thick.

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