Metal machining

We are fully aware of how our customers value thorough support and superior quality services. Our employees engaged in conventional and CNC machining of metals, which we have offered for many years now, do so with the utmost care for the maintenance of established standards. As a result, we manufacture components to the guidelines contained in the technical documentation, that meet the required standards and which ensure our products are suitable for the roles they will play.


CNC and conventional metalworking

There is no denying that technological progress, and the influence it exerts on the various fields of industry, enables the majority of companies to extend the scope and increase the level of the services they offer. The increasing requirements for quality, production speed and volume of manufactured parts necessitate changes to suit the market conditions and the introduction of new solutions.

To stay ahead of the competition and world trends in our everyday work, we have implemented an array of computer-assisted production techniques. CNC and conventional machining have become our leading services. Our modern numerically controlled machines not only enable us to maintain the required pace of work, they also ensure high dimensional reproducibility of the final components.


CNC machining advantages

The distinct and notable advantages are the precision and accuracy that can be achieved thanks to the use of suitable control programs. Contrary to conventional techniques of mechanical metal machining, computer-assisted systems do not require the operator to either manually operate the tools or set up the blank to be machined. As a result, the human factor is eliminated, reducing the number of out of tolerance components and keeping the amount of waste to a minimum, which is of key importance for some orders.


Professional and thorough mechanical metal machining in Bydgoszcz

To meet your requirements, we have equipped our production facility so that the manufacture of larger or smaller elements is never an impossible task. Our mechanical metal machining services include:

  • surface grinding,
  • conventional and CNC turning,
  • conventional and CNC milling,
  • planing,
  • boring,
  • broaching,
  • welding,
  • laser cutting,
  • vertical honing,
  • heat treatment.

Depending on the nature of the order, as well as the required shape, dimensions and surface finish, we combine various activities and make use of the most effective machining techniques to achieve the expected results. Sequences of processes are designed and selected, including the programming of computer software, with the appropriateness of the process being tested prior to the actual production work (virtually or in the machine).

Respective elements may be finished to various degrees of precision, not only roughly or semi-accurately, but also extremely precisely. Depending on the machine tools selected by the technician, it is possible to complete orders for unit production as well as to prepare smaller or larger batches. A great asset is that the CNC and conventional mechanical machining we offer is used to create condensed processes that maximise the functionality of our machine tools, which favourably influences the manufacturing costs.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that aside from CNC and conventional metal machining, we deal in welding, laser cutting, vertical honing, as well as heat treatment. Yet another branch of our activities involves the thorough repair of machines and other industrial equipment, as well as the manufacture of spare parts.


Metal Technology – a professional and experienced company

Feel free to browse our range of services and place an order for mechanical metal machining (CNC or conventional). Our production facilities are located in Bydgoszcz, and have the necessary space and equipment to allow us to handle even the most formidable of challenges.

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